My honest Builderall review in 2021
I want to share with you, why we switched from Clickfunnels and Kartra to Builderall in 2021

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Covid Has Changed The Way We Do Business
0:58 Marketing Platforms of My Past
1:25 Switching to Builderall
2:05 Saving Time and Money With Builderall
3:07 Builderall Training
3:14 Builderall Email Marketing Tool
3:24 Builderall Premium Plan Blows Away The Competition
3:50 Who is Builderall For?
4:53 Exclusive Limited Time Offer

These are tough times right now for all of us. The effects of this coronavirus has truly put a strain on our businesses and our lives. I can tell you first hand that when you donโ€™t have money coming in, but those bills keep on comingโ€ฆ it feels like you canโ€™t breathe.

As a small business, building your own website, landing page, sales funnel and email marketing campaign can be very frustrating, time consuming and quite honestly, rather expensive. Years ago, and I mean, like way back when you had to unlock your car with a key, we started with WordPress to Godaddy then graduated to Squarespace for our generic websites. Recently with digital marketing trends leaning away from traditional websites and more toward lead capture landing pages and funnels, we tried Clickfunnels and Kartra. Now we have quit them all and are solely using the NEW and improved Builderallโ€ฆ we are hooked and loving it. In short… Clickfunnels is great for building sales funnels, no doubt and Kartra has some wicked templates, easy interface and cool video analytics, but the new Builderall has a complete digital marketing arsenal that just keeps growing at a very reasonable price.

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